Power Meri

Power Meri Impact Report 

Power Meri is more than just a film - it is at the heart of a broader project and impact campaign to create a mind shift in how individuals and communities view the strength and leadership potential of women. 

Screenings of the film are often accompanied by discussions and other outreach activities to explore its meaning, and encourage community conversations about the themes raised. Through working with partner organisations in sport, gender and international development across the Pacific, we have particularly been focused on supporting women in sport, promoting the broader social benefits of sport for women and girls, and addressing gender-based violence. 

Our first impact report, released in early 2020, charts some of the highlights of Power Meri's impact across the globe, and outlines our focus areas for 2020 and beyond. 

Download the report now. For more information or to partner with us, contact: info@powermerifilm.com